Nepal Chamber Expo, an international trade exhibition is a premier business event of Nepal Chamber of Commerce. The Expo is a sincere effort to bring together national and international business enterprises under one roof to showcase the growing trend of trade and business sector and its future potential. With an amazing array of products and services from different parts of the world, it gives visitors the opportunity to access the quality products and services. It also...


About the Exhibition

  • Nepal Chamber of Commerce presents the 5th in series Expo of its premier consumer & trade event Nepal Chamber Expo 2020.
  • To provide a platform for awareness, perception and positioning of the business and to create a hub for new connections and networking.
  • The Expo will be centred to introduce latest and quality products in the market to cater to the varied consumer needs and demands.
  • The Expo aims to create a favorable environment for the promotion of local business among the international community as well as create genuine trade base for the International exhibitors to explore their business possibilities with extended promotion in Nepal.
  • The Expo welcomes organizations from cross-section of business areas such as manufacturing, trading service industries. The emphasis will be on providing the exhibiting organizations with every possible support and opportunities to improve , evolve & expand their business in the long run.

About Nepal Chamber Expo 2020

  • Showcase of Production Machinery Equipments
  • Massive advertisement to reach out every possible audience
  • Provide a mega platform for international collaboration
  • Encourage and enhance the national products
  • Provide first hand market on product briefing
  • Create an information hub of ideas and knowledge exchange